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Yes! We can do all of that!

Played 80 times

Yusuke: Genkai. Do you realize what’s going on? She gave all of her power to me when she knew Toguro was going to face her at the end. This whole time my stupid self thought that this was all about me and him, but there’s a fifty year story behind it. And now she wants it closed. Am I giving it away? Well I don’t give a damn! My teacher’s walking into a fight she can’t win! And nothin’ is ever gonna be the same.

I want to _____ you.





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I was just reblogging for the above post I didn’t think I’d get any



I won’t get any but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing


A little BGM for when you’re working or just for a listen if you like the music of YYH ^^

I guess I should add the list of songs too…

Yu Yu Hakusho Full OST BGM Soundtrack. Tracks:
01 - Opening 1 - Hohoemi no Bakudan FULL 0:00
02 - Struggle Of Sadness 4:10
03 - Preparation Theme 5:39
04 - Sad Beautiful Memory 8:46
05 - Unreleased Track #26 10:18
06 Hohoemi No Bakudan [Alternate Instrumental Version] 11:21
07 - Sad Melody 12:51
08 - Monter Suit 13:57
09 - Meikai 17:58
10 - Sad Melody 2 19:32
11 - fighting next time 20:42
12 - Kanashimi No Jikai Yokoku 22:15
13 - Unreleased Track #31 23:21
14 - EP4 S1 Spirit Detective Saga 24:38
15 - Recap Theme 25:50
16 - Akatsuki no Chikai 26:56
17 - Unreleased Track #8 28:03
18 - Kinpaku 29:00
19 - Time Limit 29:57
20 - Kuronue 32:51
21 - Unreleased Track #18 35:38
22 - Unreleased Track #13 35:54
23 - Unreleased Track #18 36:16
24 - Struggle Of Sadness-Orchestra 36:35
25 - Yurusenee 37:51
26 - Yusukes Theme (Alternate Version) 39:57
27 - Ending 1 - 41:55
28 - Ending 1 - Homework ga Owaranai FULL 43:22
29 - Ending 3 47:58
30 - Ending 3 Unbalance na Kiss wo Shite FULL 49:23
31 - Ending 4 53:12
32 - Ending 5 54:39
33 - next time on yyh theme 56:06

Sorry I was gone for a few days everyone, I was moving, and while I still don’t have all of my stuff here so I can’t really organize, I have all of the stuff from the house I had been staying at here so at the very least I can get on my computer again :). I hope all of you are doing well!





I think I have fooled enough people on my YYH blog into thinking I’m a cool person

Lies! Slander and lies! 030

Hmmm are you suggesting I need to fool more people?

Yes, that would be better for my plans of world domination.

No no… wait, yes! 

Shenanigans shall be had?

Of course